#BeKindArtRocks Wisconsin Dells

Have you been finding painted rocks around town? Wondering what the new trend is all about?

BeKindArtRocks is helping to make our big world a little smaller, while helping us promote the things we love. Inspiring others unites us all. As artists, we are giving without expectations of anything. We’re simply giving the gift of art and inspiration to others. It’s a movement growing around the world, and you never know when you might stumble upon a rock–literally!

Painted rocks are popping up around the world, some with motivational sayings, others with inspirational art. They were placed there with a purpose; to inspire the creative individual inside you! The rocks are part of a pay-it-forward effort to spread kindness. And that means more and more painted, inspirational rocks will be scattered from Wisconsin Dells and beyond.

Starting this Friday, anyone who finds a BeKindArtRock will receive 80% OFF any giclee print in stock!!

Learn more: Visit our page BeKindArtRocks

Join our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeKindArtRocks/

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